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The night is haven for diverse cultural expression and brings together various artistic communities meeting at the intersectionality of race, sexuality and demographics.


MTL 24/24 is a non-profit organization that bridge the gaps between various cultural players in Montreal nightlife. The goal is to unite, mobilize and support those players in a variety of ways.

We aim to promote communication and exchange between our members, bring their voices and interests to public instances and develop the influence of night culture through education activities.

Our objectives are to liberalize the current legal framework to allow the opening of new cultural markets, destigmatize nocturnal activities, support the local scene, allow a dialogue between the nocturnal cultural environment and political authorities, enhance night nightlife and participate in the global spread of Quebec’s night culture.

Our association comprises professionals and users of cultural events and places whose main activities take place between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Our mandate is to:

– form a governance body – the Night Council – to represent the interests of  Montreal’s night culture and voice them to the aut
– offer various services to support artists and promoters;
– organize educational activities for the general public in order to discuss social issues linked to cultural night life;
– finance research on nightlife and cultural policies;
– produce events that promote Quebec’s night culture;
– develop structural projects for the benefit of Montreal’s nightlife as a whole;


Mathieu Grondin – General director – mathieu@mtl2424.ca
Alexis Simoneau – Administration & production director – alexis@mtl2424.ca

For any questions or media requests, please contact info@mtl2424.ca

Night Concil

Health, Security, Diversity and Inclusion committee

Sami Ghzala, project manager in civic participation
Julie-Soleil Messon, project manager – Association des intervenants en dépendance du Québec (AIDQ)
Éloi Thivierge, founding member – PLURI

Nocturnal lifestyle committee

Jess Reia, researcher, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal (CIRM), McGill University
Jonathan Rouleau, doctoral candidate – Communications McGill
Patrick White, teacher – École de journalisme de l’UQAM

Clubs, cultural bars and venues committee

Janick Langlais, founding member – Coop Katacombes
Christian Pronovost, DJ, producer and creative consultant
Malick Touré, founding member and general manager – Ausgang Plaza

Festivals and events committee

Salima Bouaraour, fouding member, president and co-manager – CKKrecords
Vincent Lemieux, programmer – Festival MUTEK
Mokrane Ouzane, founding member – Illusion Festival, program coordinator – Quartier des spectacles

Board of Directors

Mathieu Grondin, president and co-founder
Alexis Simoneau, vice-president, treasurer and co-founder
(General manager – Noerg productions)
G.-Vincent Melo, secretary and co-founder
(President – Association des restaurateurs de rue du Québec)
Martin Chartrand, administrator
(President – Luximage)
Monique Savoie, administrator
(President, founder – Société des arts technologiques )


Nighttime by Vibelab
Scènes musique alternative du Québec – SMAQ
Association des restaurateurs de rue du Québec – ARRQ
Société des arts technologiques – SAT