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The night is haven for diverse cultural expression and brings together various artistic communities meeting at the intersectionality of race, sexuality and demographics.


MTL 24/24 is a non-profit organization that analyzes, animates and provides frameworks for Montreal’s nightlife. Our work aims to enhance the development of our metropolis by introducing the night as a new frontier for innovation.

Through exchanges and communication among nightlife participants, research on nocturnal activity and the production of events that stimulate economic growth in a philanthropic manner, we propose to assist the City of Montreal in formulating adapted public nightlife policies which consider local realities.

Our approach is rooted in a desire to foster mindful development that favours the cohabitation of uses.

Our objectives are to destigmatize nightlife activities, support the local scene, enable a dialogue between the community and public and political authorities, and enhance local economic life, thus promoting the international influence of our metropolis. Our operations will eventually facilitate the development of a new economic sector and allow the city’s culture to shine on a world stage.

MTL 24/24 places the dynamic and philanthropic advancement of Montreal nights at the core of its mission. As incubators of ideas, practises, and projects, we animate, create and provide frameworks for our city’s nightlife economy while contributing to its influence.


Our mandate is to:

— Develop projects providing frameworks for the nightlife community;

— Introduce the nightlife as a new space of economic growth;

— Offer various services, advice and workshops to support artists, professionals of the scene and decision makers;

— Organize educational activities with the public, professionals and decision makers around public issues relating to the night;

— Fund research and gather data on the city’s nightlife;

— Produce innovative events to promote Quebec’s nocturnal culture;

— Provide a venue dedicated to the night and participate in the advancement of neighbourhood nightlife;


Mathieu Grondin – General director – mathieu@mtl2424.ca
Alexis Simoneau – Operations director – alexis@mtl2424.ca
Martin Chartrand – Development director – martin.chartrand@mtl2424.ca

For any questions or media requests, please contact info@mtl2424.ca

Board of Directors

Guy Vincent Melo, president
Martin Chartrand,
Alexis Simoneau,
Monique Savoie,
Mathieu Grondin,