L'actualité MTL 24/24


September 30 – Édifice Wilder


MTL 24/24 invites you to celebrate the five years of its foundation on September 30th from 10pm to 9am in the studio of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens at the Wilder Building (1435 de Bleury Street – entrance by Balmoral Street).

This event is the second pilot project for the organization, following the success of last May’s 29-hour dance marathon at the SAT.

We will once again benefit from anexceptional exemption from the City of Montreal in order to offer continuous bar service after 3 a.m.

For this occasion, we are very proud to present five local emerging and established artists who will guide us through this wild night:


LAURENCE MATTE (10pm to 12:30am)

Raised in her grandparents’ bohemian home, filled with treasures collected on world travels and vinyl from every continent, Laurence is a true melting pot of influences. By exploiting this, she creates dynamic and emotional soundscapes. Her music is responsive and fluid; self-taught and a perfectionist by nature, she is constantly tinkering with new formulas. His sets are danceable, bold and authentic. She released this year a first EP on Whypeopledance including remixes of Curses and Mr TC.

MARIE DAVIDSON (0h30 to 2h30)

Marie Davidson is a Montreal-based electronic musician, singer, songwriter and DJ. His DJ sets focus on having fun with the crowd and are meant for dancing. She has also released five solo albums under her own name and many others with other projects such as Essaie pas, Marie Davidson & L’Oeil nu, DKMD, SLEAZY and Les momies de Palerme. His work has been released on international music labels such as Ninja Tune, Cititrax (Minimal Wave), DFA Records and Holodeck Records.

SOFTCORESOFT (2h30 to 4h30)

softcoresoft is a Montreal-based electronic music DJ and producer, active since 2015. She has played at Boiler Room, MUTEK, Piknic Electronik, and countless underground parties in North America and Europe. She also released an EP on the renowned label Lobster Theremin. His sound aesthetic fuses acid, hypnotic techno, rave music and electro.

OURI (4h30 to 6h30)

Growing up in France in a family that is both French and Afro-Caribbean, Ouri encountered music at an early age, but it was on the Montreal rave scene that her artistic expression began to take shape as she established herself in the community as a producer, DJ and songwriter. By lending her talents to various collaborations, she forges her relationship to herself, and also consolidates her growing taste for sound transformation, regardless of the musical genre or the role she plays in it. Since 2018, she has signed official remixes for, among others, Tokimonsta and her growing notoriety allows her to open for Jacques Greene, Yves Tumor & Kllo on stage.

CLEAR (6:30am to 9am)

A nomadic spirit tracing her origins to the frozen Arctic and the mountains of Transylvania, Claire is one of the most globe-trotting artists on the Montreal electronic scene. From Piknic Electronik to Techno Parade, and from MUTEK to Club Der Visionaere, Claire’s music shakes up dancefloors around the world with its minimal and hypnotic sounds.

On-site psychosocial support service offered by GRIP – If you choose to use, you also choose to be informed.

If you are experiencing a difficult situation (anxiety, badtrip, overdose, harassment, violence), do not hesitate to call on the workers of the Psychosocial Research and Intervention Group.

Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia and bad vibes.

See you tomorrow for the opening of the ticket office: stay tuned!