Announcements from MTL 24/24

Transmission 04 x SAT

This week on TRANSMISSION, the Société des arts technologiques [SAT] along with Transmission MTL partners Breakglass Studio and MTL 24/24 present a lineup of inspiring local artists.

Direct from their living rooms electronic music producers and DJs from the montreal scene sync up with talented SAT VJs to offer us a virtual party we’d otherwise experience as a Domesicle.

The festivities begin with a funky house set from Ponsolo to accompany your 5 a 7 cocktails. The master of groove himself, Kris Guilty of La Rama will show off from his selection of rare records broadcasting right into your kitchen. Moonshine queen Odile Myrtil will take over the airwaves after that with a mix of afro, bass and grime that will turn your living room into a dance floor. Up next, a premiere for the new DJ project of RYAN Playground, called TDJ, an exclusive not to be missed! Bowly Ojpb will oversee a smooth transition to cocktail electro with influences of Detroit, acid, italo and wave before we finish with a live analog mini modular set from D.B.Y / Dog Bless You

The virtual TRANSMISSION wouldn’t be complete without a killer line-up of visual artists. This week visuals will be provided by Sean Caruso, Maylee Keo Illustration and Vj AZYL. If you’ve got a projector and sound system at home… make sure and use them for this one!


As you know, the world is turned upside down by COVID-19 and no industry suffers from it as intensely as nightlife culture. With bars, clubs and cultural spaces closing all around the world, nightlife undergoes layoffs and business closing to an unimaginable scale.

Montréal is no different. All of a sudden, a large amount of people – mostly living from pay check to paycheck – have become unemployed. COVID-19 threatens to destroy the rich and dynamic independent nightlife culture of our city.

Hoping to stay active and to help Montréal DJs and their friends around the world, MTL 24/24 and Breakglass Studio have put together a special series in response to COVID-19.

Live-streamed on Twitch, this musical series will allow you to see and hear your favorite DJs every Saturday. A Paypal account will allow you to donate a tip. The money will then be split equally amongst all actors of the event.

While we wait for a return to normalcy where we can party in close proximity, we hope the TRANSMISSION series will demonstrate the unity of our cultural scene.
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