Announcements from MTL 24/24

Transmission 06 x NVA

This week, TRANSMISSION invites Never Apart to curate the program, joining Transmission MTL’s partners Breakglass Studio and MTL 24/24 to bring you a high-calibre North American line up.

DJs and electronic music producers will sync up with talented Montreal VJs to offer you a ‘techno happy hour’ worthy of the name.

Never Apart is a Montreal-based non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage social change through culture, by offering artistic and musical experiences that are community-driven, inclusive and diverse.

Montreal’s Pascale Project kicks off the evening with an eclectic and uplifting selection of house, techno and more. The night continues with an industrial sound by Heidi Sabertooth from Brooklyn, resident of the renowned Bossa Nova Civic Club. Indiana-based HE VALENCIA deepens the musical journey with a hypnotic, deep sound that pays homage to the African-American creators of techno. Beirut-via-Montreal’s Kris Tin, a regular behind the StereoBar decks, takes us into the night with dark and banging techno. For the closing, the much-loved duo Pelada offer us a live set, with their engaged mix of techno, punk and rave.

On the visual side, we have:

Charline Dally, whose recognizable visual aesthetic of pastel abstractions brings mind expansion. As for Justine Durand, she offers us minimal and hypnotic textures, often mixing analog and digital. Finally, Render.Tex presents a raw and optical style that reminds us of the cavernous and dark interiors of our favourite Berlin clubs.
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