Announcements from MTL 24/24

Transmission 08 x MUTEK

For the next edition of TRANSMISSION, MUTEK Montréal and the partners of Transmission MTL, Breakglass Studio and MTL 24/24, return with the eclectic and stimulating audiovisual performances of stupendous Quebec artists. An evening that will take you live from the ambient and the experimental dub to drone and techno music, including a selection of house sounds that are certainly captivating.

Pheek + Diagraf

Pheek – Live
A flagship artist from Montréal’s electronic music scene since the late nineties, Jean-Patrice Rémillard (alias Pheek) has racked up an impressive discography, on top of founding his own acclaimed label, Archipel, through which he has advanced many fledgling talents.

Diagraf – VJ
Abstract geometric shapes surge from the screen, layered over found film footage, original video and stylized geographies of terrestrial and celestial bodies as Diagraf constructs mesmerizing visual narratives deeply linked to music. His visual style combines minimalist graphic elements and complex evolutive particles systems with emotive cinematic content.

Gene Tellem + VJ BunBun

Gene Tellem (La Rama) – DJ set
Whether taking centre stage as a DJ, party co-creator or producer, Gene Tellem communicates her own style of tweaked soul music through house and techno scripts, dedicating her productions to grooves for both nodding heads and wiggling bodies.

VJ BunBun – VJ
In wildly kinetic and colourful projection mapping, video, laser lighting and LED stage displays, BunBun concocts a visual carnival embedded in electronic music.

Wheelie Houdini + M.E.Winks

Wheelie Houdini – DJ set
Dedicated to danceabilities, Wheelie Houdini’s girlfriend favours styles that cross the house-techno axis with dub, funk, experimental and beyond.

Karkata + TIND ::

Karkata – Live
With his signature fluid grooves and intricate harmonies, Montreal-based producer Billy Dalessandro digs into the liminal spaces between our conscious and unconscious minds with his new project Karkata which combines drone music and techno.

TIND :: – VJ
By hijacking common analog audio equipment such as distortion pedals, TiND creates intense, singular imagery that visually echoes the original sound material.

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