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MTL 24/24 is a laboratory of ideas and an international network that gathers for the Montreal Night Summit initiative.

This annual event features lectures by nightlife experts from around the world, networking sessions, and opportunities for local nightlife industry players, public policy professionals and economic forecasters from here and abroad to exchange and present research in a friendly manner.

The Montreal Night Summit is a forum of ideas for nightlife users and professionals as well as for public decision-makers.

Held in May each year, it contributes to positioning Montreal as a leading city in the governance of a post-pandemic nightlife.

Through a series of presentations on the cutting edge of international nightlife public policy, the Summit brings together thinkers, professionals and government officials from around the world to share best practices. This event is an opportunity for Montreal and other metropolises to reclaim nightlife from the economic, social and cultural disaster caused by the COVID-19 virus.

The Montreal Night Summit also contributes to shaping new ways of regulating nighttime activities and facilitating shared uses, thus improving the quality of life for Montrealers.

The reflection process that began with Montreal at the Night Summit aims to better structure, frame and support local and global nightlife in order to consider it not only as a necessary lever for post-pandemic economic development but also as a tool to promote a more harmonious way of living together as citizens.

This event is aimed at decision makers, professionals, artists and nightlife users, as well as the general public. It is based on a series of round-table discussions with international guests, bringing together specialists such as: urban planners, researchers, Night Mayors, municipal officials, activists and artists, who share best practices from at home and abroad.

These roundtables are followed by discussions on local issues. Local personalities share their ideas on possible solutions to nightlife challenges specific to the city. The Summit is also an opportunity for MTL 24/24 and the City of Montreal to present the results of their research and ideas on various topics related to nightlife.

It concludes with an event promoting Montreal’s nightlife, NON STOP, showcasing local artistic and cultural talent.

The event aims to demonstrate the dynamism of Montreal’s local nightlife and acts as a test for pilot projects. It offers Montreal an exciting opportunity to stimulate its cultural, business and economic sectors through collaboration and exchange.

The last edition of the Montreal Night Summit took place from May 17 to 21, 2023 to imagine what expansive possibilities might be found in space, under the theme NOX ✦ SPATIUM! Night is not only time, it is also space. Space to bond, build, dance, dream, create, experience and celebrate the cities we inhabit, together.

Montréal au sommet de la nuit
Montréal au sommet de la nuit
Montréal au sommet de la nuit

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