The Night Council

Mission & Mandate / Operations / Committees / Minutes

Mission & Mandate

The Night Council is a Montreal nightlife consultation group created by MTL 24/24 and composed of 12 Montrealers who are committed to the dynamic and benevolent development of its nightlife.


To facilitate the creation of public policies adapted to the realities of Montreal’s economic and cultural activities at night.



The Night Council meets four times per year.

To be a Night Councilor, you must be 18 years of age or older, a resident of Montreal, indicate two committees you would like to serve on, fill out the form and attend the Great Night Debate event, which takes place before the close of polls and where candidates are asked to present their vision for Montreal’s nightlife.

The Mayor of Montreal meets with the Night Council at least once a year to discuss current nightlife issues.

Each sectoral committee of the Night Council works on issues specific to its sector and holds one statutory meeting per month.


The Night Council is divided into four sectoral committees that focus on various business and community aspects of Montreal’s nightlife:

1. Performance venues, clubs and cultural bars

This committee addresses issues and interests specific to theatrical venues, nightclubs and entertainment bars (bars with cultural programming) operating under a permanent liquor license.

Representatives :

Janick Langlais / Co Founder Coop Katacombes
Christian Pronovost / Creative consultant, producer and DJ
Malick Touré / Co Founder and Director General Ausgang Plaza

2. Festivals and events

This committee addresses issues and interests specific to small and large festivals and events operating under the assembly permit system.

Representatives :

Salima Bouaraour / Founder, President and Co-Manager CKKrecords
Vincent Lemieux / Programmer Festival MUTEK
Mokrane Ouzane / Founder Illusion Festival, Program Coordinator, Quartier des spectacles

3. Health, safety, inclusion and diversity

This committee focuses on health and safety issues as well as inclusion and diversity policies.

Representatives :

Lola Baraldi/ Co Founder MTL
Sami Ghzala / Citizen Participation Project Manager
Julie-Soleil Messon / Responsable, contenus et valorisation de la pratique,Association des intervenants en dépendance du Québec (AIDQ)

4. Living at night

This committee is interested in the global issues specific to Montreal’s nightlife, such as transportation, food supply, development and urban planning, among others.

Representatives :

Jess Reia / Researcher, Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires en études montréalaises (CRIEM), Université McGill
Jonathan Rouleau / Doctoral candidate, Communication McGill
Joël Lavoie / N8 Expérience

Minutes from the general meetings of The Night Council