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Mission & Mandate

The MTL 24/24 Night Council is a consultative body of Montreal's nightlife made up of 12 citizens of Montreal who are committed to the dynamic and constructive development of its nights.

By its own initiative, the Night Council presents opinions and collects data on subjects that affect the various spheres of Montreal’s nightlife. Its work is part of a desire to democratize, promote and legitimize the city’s nightlife.

The Night Council is a consultation table created by MTL 24/24. It is aimed at Montreal’s public decision-making bodies (specifically the municipal administration) as well as all stakeholders of Montreal’s nightlife.

The mission and function of the Night Council is to:

  • Provide recommendations on all matters related to the concerns of Montreal’s night owls and suggest recommendations in this regard;

  • Solicit viewpoints, listen to and receive representations from any person or group regarding issues affecting nightlife users;

  • Prepare or commission the preparation of recommendations considered useful and necessary for the dynamic and benevolent development of Montreal’s nightlife.

Operational Meetings

The Night Council is responsible for defining the orientations, research, work and annual activities to be carried out. In order to do so, the Councillors meet frequently in assemblies and working committee meetings.

Councillors’ meetings are the heart of the Night Council. These are generally held eight times a year. Through these meetings, Council members pass resolutions to carry out research and activities specific to the mandates of the Night Council.

Recommendations of the Night Council

In order to fulfill its role as an advisory body, the Night Council issues opinions and recommendations.

The main task of the Night Council is to present recommendations specific to its field of expertise, namely the economic, cultural and community activities of Montreal’s nightlife. These recommendations are published in the form of an opinion.

At the conclusion of the production of an opinion, the Night Council will present it at the Montreal Night Summit.


2023-2024 Cohort

Following the conclusion of a call for applications, the MTL 24/24 Executive Team is currently in the process of appointing the latest cohort of the Night Council. An announcement to this effect will follow soon.

You can read about the work and members of the previous cohort here.

Recruitment and Nomination

The members of the Night Council are chosen from the Montreal population for a two-year mandate and come from different sectors specific to the Montreal nightlife (for example: permanent venues – cultural clubs and bars; festivals and events; organizations working on issues of health, safety, inclusion and diversity; academics working on the nightlife and issues specific to nightlife – transportation, urban planning, development, culture, etc.)

To be a Night Councilor, you must be 18 years of age or older and be a resident of Montreal. A recruitment campaign is undertaken every two years.

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Records of Decision from the General Meetings of The Night Council