History and Highlights

History and Highlights


In March 2021, MTL 24/24 launched a social communication campaign to mark one year of confinement and raise awareness about the plight of nightlife workers and culture.

Using the slogan “La nuit, la culture vit,” dozens of Montreal’s nightlife champions spoke out to share their pandemic experiences in relation to their work. The campaign, at times funny and dramatic, had an objective to rebuild the confidence of nightlife users, embracing all perspectives on the health crisis.

On June 15 and 16, 2021, the City of Montreal, in collaboration with MTL 24/24 and Yulism, organized the first Night Summit in its history.

With a call to “reclaim our nightlife,” this first installment offered programming at the cutting edge of international best practices in nightlife management, including discussions on shared use, governance

MTL 24/24 was proud of what it accomplished with its second Night Summit, which took place October 21 – 22, 2021. Rich in content and sensibility, it brought together the public and experts from all areas of Montreal’s nightlife culture at the mythical Stereo, the only afterhours club that still exists on the Quebec landscape.

For this second edition, MTL 24/24 hosted an open mic, inviting nightlife actors and users to express themselves about the state (and stakes) of local culture. The idea was to put a spotlight on the Montreal nightlife community and bring together those who had been apart for more than 20 months during the pandemic. A huge success, the second Montreal Night Summit welcomed a full house for both days of programming, with many local issues echoing the challenges felt across the ocean. Now, we hope that the ideas will go on to transform the nightlife here.


March, 2020: COVID-19 hits quebec. The health crisis accelerates the organization’s development.

At an international level, MTL 24/24 joins the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (www.nighttime.org), an initiative that allows organizers to be in contact with various groups around the world that are interested in the impacts of COVID-19 on nightlife.

In Chapter 5 of the Recovery Guide, MTL 24/24 is cited for contributing to a case study of Montreal in collaboration with Dr. William Straw and Jessica Reia of the Department of Art History and Communications and McGill University.

Our weekly streaming initiative Transmission aimed to compensate for the complete shutdown of nighttime activities. Its success was in part thanks to our collaboration with the SAT, MUTEK, Never Apart gallery and Mural Festival.

In June 2020, following a period of reflection on the best model of nighttime governance adapted to Montreal and inspired by the concept of a “night mayor,” The Night Council was established by MTL 24/24 as an intermediary between public decision makers and night owls.

An initiative to please the municipal administration, the city entrusted MTL 24/24, through its Economic Development Department and its Nightlife Commissioner, with a research mandate focused on a diagnosis of Montreal’s nightlife. The report was due in September, 2020.

Members of The Night Council and MTL 24/24 management participate in working groups set up by the City of Montreal to develop its first nightlife policy. Committees with dozens of people from various organizations met over the course of four months to identify challenges and propose solutions to the City for commercial, cultural, health and urban planning sectors.

In October 2020, MTL 24/24 was selected to participate in the Groupe des Vingts de Concertation MTL, a coaching program dedicated to organizations in the Greater Montreal Area who wish to enrich their Board of Directors with experienced leaders and professionals from diverse communities. This initiative supported our organization in its quest for healthy, balanced and inclusive governance.

In November 2020, MTL 24/24’s Director General Mathieu Grondin was asked to make a virtual presentation in Nanjing, China, as part of the World Cities Culture Forum.

The City of Montreal gave MTL 24/24 a second research mandate, this time to produce citizen consultations on nightlife.
The objective was to take the pulse of residents and users to find out what they would like to experience in a post-pandemic nightlife. The report was due in February 2021.

In July 2020, MTL 24/24 took over the social media accounts of the creative business conference C2 Montréal for a full day of cultural programming about issues concerning Montreal’s nightlife.

The program consisted of interviews, short films, articles to read and music from the Montreal scene, past and present.


In June 2019, as part of a public consultation on Montreal’s leisure activities, MTL 24/24 submitted a brief entitled ‘Diagnosis of Montreal’s nighttime leisure activities’ to the City of Montreal’s Permanent Commission on Culture, Heritage and Sports. Underlining the lack of reflection by public authorities on the subject of nightlife, the document was accompanied by a petition with more than 1,000 signatures calling for the creation of a City of Montreal Nightlife Bureau, similar to the Bureaus of cinéma or fashion.

In the summer of 2019, the collective organized its first event, Test Pressing, with an objective to present local artists in unusual spaces, such as an old factory in the Mile-End.

In December 2019, MTL 24/24 inaugurated a series of free lectures on issues related to cultural nightlife, presented each month at the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT). Among other activities, the organization made public a nightlife study conducted by researchers at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic would temporarily interrupt this initiative.


In 2017, Mathieu Grondin, Alexis Simoneau and G.-Vincent Melo founded MTL 24/24,
a not-for-profit organization with a mission to support Montreal’s cultural nightlife.
Influenced by their experiences in urban European cities, all three founders believe that the development of Montreal’s creative and cultural identity must be inspired by its nightlife.