Announcements from MTL 24/24

Call for Content – Montreal Night Summit

MTL 24/24’s Montreal Night Summit is back from May 17 to 21, 2023 to imagine what expansive possibilities might be found in space. The theme will be NOX ✦ SPATIUM – L’espace infini de la nuit!

Night is not only a time, it is space. Space to bond, build, dance, dream, create, experience and celebrate the cities we inhabit, together. The conference will explore different lines of thought via the following sub-themes:

  • 🌃 Physical dimensions: Nightscapes, architecture, zoning areas, urban development and planning, transformation of industrial spaces, cultural venues, multi-use placemaking, and creative footprints.

  • 🚀 The exploration of ingenuity: Ideas, interventions, best practices, actions, policy and possibilities. Moonshots in transit, public parks, lighting, society, culture, safety, care, and space for the next generation.

  • 🪐 Constellations and relative positions: Night governance models, inter-city networks, innovations in community building, nightlife projects and resilience.

If you would like to be a speaker and propose a discussion, submit your application before Monday, February 13th – 5PM!