Announcements from MTL 24/24

MTL 24/24 launches is guide on festive nightlife practices! (FR)

When planning an event or opening a venue in Montreal, it is often necessary to obtain permits and comply with various regulations and standards. However, as highlighted by MTL 24/24’s extensive consultation work, including the Rapport de consultation des citoyens et des parties prenantes informelles pour comprendre leurs usages et besoins la nuit à Montréal (2021), this process can seem complex and unclear to many community players. Regulatory vagueness and limited access to information can discourage and prejudice those wishing to participate in the city’s nightlife.

With the aim of destigmatizing nightlife and supporting the local scene, MTL 24/24 has created a guide for anyone wishing to play an active role in Montreal’s nightlife.

The main objective of the guide is to provide a centralized and accessible resource for anyone wishing to organize nightlife activities in Montreal in a safe and legal manner. It aims to make information on permits, regulations and standards as clear and accessible as possible. This guide is part of MTL 24/24’s ongoing commitment to the Montreal nightlife community, and its desire to help it flourish. 

The purpose of this guide is to provide a popularized reference document for the entire community, both for those experienced in the field and for novices looking to get started in this sphere of activity.

It is important to note that this document has no legislative value. It in no way replaces the legal and official version of regulations and laws in force. Consequently, it has no legal authority and cannot replace the laws or regulations enacted by the competent authorities.

This MTL 24/24 initiative aims to simplify and demystify the processes related to nightlife in Montreal, while reinforcing compliance with current regulations. By facilitating access to information, this guide will help create a safer and more transparent environment for nightlife players, while promoting the development of this dynamic cultural scene in the city. The contents of this guide are current as of the date of publication. As municipal legislation is constantly evolving, some of the information contained in this guide may no longer be valid.