Announcements from MTL 24/24

Montréal Night Summit 2022

May 19&20, Monument-National – 1182 Boul. Saint-Laurent


Community – Exchange – Culture

Following the success of previous editions, MTL 24/24 is pleased to announce the next edition of Montréal au Sommet de la nuit 2022 which will take place from May 19 to 20 at Monument-National.

Reinventing the rules Resurrecting our city. Revitalizing our nightlife culture. Together. It’s time to act: join us for two days of exchanges on the alternatives and innovations within our reach, as well as the actions to be taken for the revival.

Another night is possible. Let’s build it together.

John « Jammin » Collins, member of the legendary Detroit label Underground Resistance and curator Exhibit 3000, Detroit’s museum dedicated to techno music.

Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova, founders of the New York City based House of Yes, a performance-fueled nightclub and creative collective that owns an eponymous venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The audience will also be able to meet Mirik Milan, former night mayor of Amsterdam and founder of the international movement of night mayors. Mirik Milan was instrumental in transforming Amsterdam’s nightlife scene: under his leadership, the city introduced a permit for cultural venues to remain open 24 hours without interruption. His role as Mayor of the Night has been replicated in New York, Paris and London.

Virginie Maillard, Artistic Director of Pierrots de la nuit, a Parisian organization that conducts mediation and advisory actions to prevent noise pollution within the vicinity of nightlife venues and raises awareness through innovative artistic interventions. Committed to a better living together approach, they raise awareness among night owls through innovative artistic interventions aimed at maintaining night-time activity in Paris while limiting its impact on the environment.