Announcements from MTL 24/24

MTL 24/24 x C2 Montréal

MTL 24/24 is proud to announce its collaboration with C2 Montréal for the C2 Social Media Takeovers summer virtual event.

On July 23rd, MTL 24/24 will take over C2 Montreal social media for a full day, to raise awareness about the challenges we have to face in order to save our city’s nightlife.

What is a Night Mayor? What is being done elsewhere in the world? Why is Montreal perceived as a nightlife city?

Dance all day to the rhythm of the music and videos of MTL 24/24, a young NPO whose mandate is to protect, represent and develop Montreal nightlife. Explore the economic and creative growth potential of this scene, retrace the history of Montreal as a festive metropolis and meet the nocturnal ambassadors of New York and Berlin. Then complete this C2 Takeover in style with a virtual dancing party.

The full program will be revealed on July 14.