Announcements from MTL 24/24

Open Mic

May 18, 2022 – La Tulipe, 4530 Av. Papineau

MTL 24/24 is pleased to invite you to the Open Mic / Montreal Nightlife Summit 2022, taking place on May 18th at 6 PM at La Tulipe.

An evening for citizens to share stories about Montreal nightlife and its issues, the Open Mic is intended to be a space of expression within which the diversity that characterizes Montreal can be expressed.

You are all welcome to speak up and discuss your relationship with the night and the City of Montreal in order to shape the nights of tomorrow! Let’s shape tomorrow’s Montreal nights together! Come and relay your experiences to the MTL 24/24 Night Council, who will collect citizen testimonies and report back to Montreal’s City Council. Share your ideas, experiences, fears and suggestions! The microphone is yours and admission is free — the only requirements are to fill out this form.

As the event approaches, the MTL 24/24 team will contact you at the email address provided during registration to collect your testimony.

Meet of the Night Council: 6 PM

Open Mic: 7:30 PM

Seated room, general admission.

Free admission but registration required! Places are limited, so hurry!