Announcements from MTL 24/24

Transmission 03 x Ausgang Plaza

On this week’s TRANSMISSION, Ausgang Plaza will be presenting some of the inspiring artists within their community

An inclusive hub situated in the Plaza St-Hubert, over the years, Ausgang has become a a meeting point for local culture.

A multidisciplinary artist who began as a a digital painter, G L O W Z I has established herself as an emerging star on the Montreal scene. Juxtaposing electronica with his Mozambican roots, Samito expresses himself with rumbling baselines and raging beats. Moonshine resident Akantu will set the table, bringing the party as always, followed by the one and only Mr.Touré aka Sagewondah. Shaydakiss’ unique blend of genres and styles will bring the night to next level like only she can. Ouri’s distinctive and transcendent pyramid of textures, ambiances, voices and synths will lead directly to the house vibes of A-Rock. Finally, The Fitness will end up the week’s virtual festivities in style.

Fashionista Cary Tauben will be our ZOOM party host so dress to impress!


As you know, the world is turned upside down by COVID-19 and no industry suffers from it as intensely as nightlife culture. With bars, clubs and cultural spaces closing all around the world, nightlife undergoes layoffs and business closing to an unimaginable scale.

Montréal is no different. All of a sudden, a large amount of people – mostly living from pay check to paycheck – have become unemployed. COVID-19 threatens to destroy the rich and dynamic independent nightlife culture of our city.

Hoping to stay active and to help Montréal DJs and their friends around the world, MTL 24/24 and Breakglass Studio have put together a special series in response to COVID-19.

Live-streamed on Twitch, this musical series will allow you to see and hear your favorite DJs all night long next Saturday. A Paypal account will allow you to donate a tip. The money will then be split equally amongst all actors of the event.

While we wait for a return to normalcy where we can party in close proximity, we hope the TRANSMISSION series will demonstrate the unity of our cultural scene.

This week presented in conjunction with Ausgang Plaza

Come back this Saturday at 4PM to find the (virtual) location of the party !





Mr Touré




The Fitness


D Olders



ZOOM host/animateur
Cary Tauben
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