Announcements from MTL 24/24

Transmission 07 x Music Is My Sanctuary

The Music Is My Sanctuary fam is super psyched to present a special edition of the TRANSMISSION stream series. Of course, like all of you, we can’t wait to get back to real life jams but in the meantime let’s all stay safe and congregate behind our screens. Our list of favorite artists and DJ’s in Montreal is massive, but here are five that we thought would cook up a hot stream. We like to explore many genres, tempos and flavors, so as we like to say: Expect the Unexpected!

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LOST HEROES: perhaps the most iconoclastic of all Montreal DJ’s, there is always some inspiration to be drawn from any of Christian Pronovost’s sets.

silktits: one of our favorite DJ’s in town and quite the record digger! We have yet to hear her play a boring track in any of her sets.

Walla P (Voyage Funktastique): always a treat to have the funky homie play a set for us! Also, he’s possibly the best lip syncing / background dancing DJ in the world.

Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary): one never really knows if he’s going to play a jazz set or house or hip-hop or UKG. Or everything at once? So let’s see!

Honeydrip: Absolute pleasure to finally have her play one of our events, her guest mix for us a few weeks back really smashed it! She plays tough but funky riddims with lots of polyrhythmic swing. We likes a lot. Perfect way to close it out!
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