Announcements from MTL 24/24

Transmission 11 x Samedi Quelque Chose

Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Founded in 2017, Samedi Quelque Chose is a Non-Profit Organization aimed at promoting art and culture in Montreal. The foundation is best known for Sweet Boogie, an afterparty dedicated to Funk, Soul and Disco music.

18h: THE ONE TASH Tasha Anana
19h: ELLXANDRA (LIVE) Ellxandra
20h: STICKY DOJAH (NYC) Sticky Dojah
21h: SWEET DADDY LUV Lewis Braden
22h: DOC’TRIN Doc’trin
23h: SCOTT C. The Goods Soundsystem
00h: OMAR KRIVIT Omar Krivit
01h: NEONLICHTER Neonlichter

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