Announcements from MTL 24/24

Discover the Creative Footprint Montréal Report!

Last month, we announced the publication of Montreal’s Creative Footprint report in collaboration with VibeLab.

But just what is the Creative Footprint project?

Creative Footprint is a research project funded by MTL 24/24 and carried out by VibeLab and PennPraxis that surveys communities and maps the spatial distribution of creative spaces to study nightlife and cultural activity in the city.

Montréal’s ‘Creative Footprint’ identifies the contemporary issues, needs and challenges of communities embedded in Montréal’s music and nightlife scenes. By empowering and amplifying emerging and established voices, this research project supports MTL 24/24 and urban policymakers in Montréal in best planning for and supporting creative spaces and communities in the city’s nightlife scenes for future generations.

Why research Montréal’s ‘Creative Footprint’?

Montréal’s creative spaces play a fundamental role in grounding the city’s culture. A solid cultural foundation provides citizens with many experiences, fosters talent, strengthens communities, and provides opportunities for social, cultural and economic life. So, by showing the value of intelligent use of creative space, we build a more unique and vibrant city. While the lasting impact of COVID-19 on communities and areas operating in Montréal’s nightlife scenes is yet to be thoroughly investigated, we will identify the key challenges resulting from the pandemic and challenges related to urban redevelopment and government policies and provide solutions.

This report, prepared by VibeLab and PennPraxis, presents the results of a qualitative and quantitative study aimed at providing a comprehensive picture of the city’s nightlife scene as it recovers from the aftermath of COVID-19.

How healthy is Montreal’s nightlife culture, and how do we compare with other cities?

You can discover the report’s many interesting findings via the links below!